Master’s degree: 10 tips for the selection interview

Anyone applying for a master’s degree program is due: the selection interview.

Prof. Dr. Frank Jacobs from the ESCP Europe Business School gives tips on how to prepare for the competition, try to interest in write essay for me . With these ten pieces of advice, it is easy to get into a personal conversation.

  • Nervousness is normal – but still authentic at the selection interview!
  • Be yourself: Do not pretend to be someone else. So you are authentic.
  • Try to be at the agreed place five minutes early.
  • Dress yourself the way you feel: choose the style of clothing that suits your personality, but you would expect it to come from a candidate.
  • Welcome the jury members by hand, look your interlocutors in the eye and remember the names.
  • Do not be disturbed by your own nervousness, it is normal and happens to everyone else.
  • Be prepared to present a plan for your own future.
  • Put your expertise to the test, even if a question is not obviously in that direction.
  • Engage in the discussion by accepting criticism and developing answers in dialogue.
  • Avoid the impression of defensive: The interview is about proving your capacity for constructive debate.
  • Prepare one or two separate questions to the jury.

Additional tip for aspiring master students

And last but not least: Inform yourself regularly by daily press and relevant magazines. So you do not bring questions to current events from the rest.

Our expert

Prof. Dr. Frank Jacob has been the Chair of Marketing at the ESCP Europe Business School since 2000. From the winter semester 2016 he will supervise the master program “International Sales Management”. He is also responsible for management education and management consulting for leading companies.