Waiting for the Master: What to do if it does not continue immediately?

Financial tips and how you make sense of the time between Bachelor and Master

Not everyone gets directly the desired master place. We reveal, what should be considered in the case of a “Gap Years” or semester in terms of…

… BAföG

“A seamless BAföG grant can not currently be obtained between the Bachelor and Master study programs that are considered independent, BAföG is only granted during a study period,” says Bernhard Börsel, lawyer and head of the Student Finance and Educational Policy unit. “However,” said the lawyer, “is between the end of a training period and the start of another only one month, it is promoted, but the month counted on the approval period of the new training section.”

A BAföG amendment will come into force in the autumn of 2016: “Funding will no longer be granted until the final examination, but until the final result of the bachelor thesis is published.” In individual cases this may lead to a maximum extension of two months. “

… Health insurance

“Students who are still enrolled between Bachelor and Master, can remain up to their 25th year of age free of charge over their parents health insurance, if they are in a statutory health insurance,” said Elisabeth Steger, head of employment services at the Employment Agency Erlangen.

“Anyone over the age of 25 who remains enrolled between undergraduate and graduate degrees will be compulsorily insured for compulsory health insurance up to the age of 30”, adds Heiko Groen, Adviser for Student Financing at the Studentenwerk Oldenburg. “Over 25-year-olds who do not remain enrolled between undergraduate and graduate degrees would, on the other hand, have to take out voluntary health insurance, which is much more expensive,” says Groen.

… unemployment benefit

“You are only entitled to unemployment benefit if you are not enrolled at the same time, if you can be fully available to the labor market and if you have been employed for at least twelve months during your bachelor’s degree, which is the case for dual Bachelor students” , explains Michael Hümmer from the university team of the Employment Agency Fürth.

In general, you can only hope for Hartz IV if you are not enrolled at the same time.You also need to be needy and capable of work, and if all these prerequisites are met while waiting for the Master’s degree course, you have to ask for individual performance counseling. “

… child support

“Child allowance can continue to be drawn by the parents of the students between two training periods with the status ‘child without a training place’ if the students have not yet reached the age of 25. This does not require enrollment,” informs Heiko Groen from the Studentenwerk Oldenburg. “From a four-month period between undergraduate and graduate, you have to document that you are looking for a master’s degree course so that your parents can continue to receive child benefits.”

Waiting for the Master – but right!

Wilfried Schumann from the psychological counseling service of the University and the Studentenwerk Oldenburg advises to fill the waiting time with a lifeblood project, “because free time windows are not so common in life”. Students should pay less attention to keeping their curriculum vitae “dead straight” and wondering how best to develop themselves: “This can be done through traveling or volunteering, which makes the curriculum vitae even more interesting.”

Michael Hümmer of the Employment Agency Fürth, on the other hand, advocates “using this waiting time for an internship or temporary contracts in the professional field, which should be discussed later – most companies have relevant practical experience”.